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Founded by Dick Norton CLU, CFP, RFC in 1991.

The First Financial Education Centre is a 501C3 non-profit organization organized by Financial Professionals dedicated to helping people do a better job of spending, saving, investing, insuring, and planning through education.

Career Financial Professionals
A teaching organization for career financial professionals offering courses in License Preparation, Continuing Education, and preparation for Professional Designations!

Small business Owners
Entrepreneur seminars and workshops for small business organizations and Startup Companies. How to programs: Creating a Visionary Business Builder Business Plan, Business Financing and "wearing the many hats" of an Owner/Manager of a small business.

Your education fees support these programs.

Adult Consumers
Teaching programs for consumers so that they may be debt free, financially self reliant and secure in their chosen life style and in retirement.

Young People
Teaching programs for our young people so they can start their adult lives debt free, financially self reliant and financially prepared to pay for a college education.

Our mission is to help people do a better job of spending,
saving, investing, insuring and planning.

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Take charge of your own financial well being. 

How?  Learn about money management and learn about it today!

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