Body Construction

The Aluminum Extrusion Advantage

Intercontinental Truck Body Panel System

Snap-Lock Wall Panel System

Our unique Snap-Lock wall panels are manufactured from high-strength, lightweight and corrosion-resistant aluminum. As the panels snap together, they form integral wall posts at 12” on center that require no mechanical or adhesive fasteners. The wall panel is thick and sturdy, making it the perfect choice for custom designed truck bodies, trailers and enclosures. These 10 ga extruded aluminum Snap-Lock panels provide the core structure of our units. This heavy duty design outlasts traditional sheet and post techniques while providing substantial weight savings without compromising strength – complete with a rivet-free exterior shell and smooth, fastener-free finished surface.

Intercontinental Truck Body Doors


Our doors are constructed from aluminum extrusions and are custom crafted for each application – allowing for unlimited size, thickness and insulation options. They include high quality automotive rubber seals to keep out moisture and dust. Roll-up doors are sized to order and are  available in various materials, insulation levels, and include powered roll-up options.

Driven by innovative engineering, uncompromising quality and superior customer service, our goal is to meet your needs while exceeding your expectations.
Intercontinental Truck Body Roofs


We customize the design of each roof to our customer’s specific specifications. All of our roofs use an extruded aluminum perimeter roof edge that works in conjunction with the extruded aluminum wall panels and roof bows. Standard roofs are sheeted with 1-piece aluminum or translucent fiberglass over roof bows at 24” on center. Our walk-on roof system is manufactured from extruded aluminum bows at 12” OC with an optional seamless roof membrane applied over 12 gauge aluminum sheeting. All of our roofs are built to withstand the most extreme weather conditions and industry stresses – from the heat of the Midwest summers to the extreme cold and snow loads of the Arctic.

Intercontinental Truck Body Frames


Our frames are custom engineered to meet the light-weight demands of the transportation industry and the heavy stress of the mining industry. While steel frames are the most popular, we also offer aluminum frames. Protective undercoating is standard on all steel frames and urethane spray foam is available upon request.