Interior Finishing

Options To Fit Your Specific Needs

Intercontinental Truck Body Lining


Our unique Snap-Lock panel design is manufactured with integral posts as part of the wall system structure. These posts are used as studs at every 12” for optimal interior lining strength. Units are most commonly lined with plywood, painted aluminum, or seamless Kemlite FRP.

Intercontinental Truck Body Insullation


Our units are typically insulated with either SM rigid board insulation or urethane spray foam, with fiberglass and mineral wool also available.  These options allow for a range of R values and sound attenuation levels. Thicknesses ranging from 1” up are available upon request.

Intercontinental Truck Body Flooring


Our flooring options are recommended based on the application of the unit. Wood-core options include plywood, tongue and groove fir, and hardwood – with or without aluminum belly pan. Non-wood-core choices include composite, steel or aluminum diamond plate and extruded aluminum plank flooring. Floors can be finished with poured urethane, vinyl flooring, linoleum, carpeting, or any other commercial flooring you may prefer.